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College of Arts & Sciences
The Behavioral-Biomedical Interface Program

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The Behavioral-Biomedical Interface Program

(College of Arts & Sciences & Arnold School of Public Health)

The Program

The University of South Carolina offers a special interdisciplinary research training program called the Behavioral-Biomedical Interface Program (BBIP). Supported in part by a National Institutes of Health T32 pre-doctoral research training grant 5T32GM081740 from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, BBIP is designed for select students beginning their doctoral studies in Epidemiology, Exercise Science, or Psychology. BBIP focuses on cross-cutting themes related to prevention and developmental sciences broadly defined. BBIP is training the next generation of behavioral scientists with respect to biomedical conceptual frameworks and methods applied to understanding, treating, and preventing adverse health conditions/disorders and promoting optimal health outcomes.


The University of South Carolina and BBIP value the broad spectrum of human experience and strive to create an open environment that enriches learning opportunities for all members of the community. Individuals who are members of historically under-represented groups, as well as individuals with disabilities, are strongly encouraged to apply to BBIP, and further are valued members of our institution. Support policies and resources are available to applicants and students for example through the University's Office of Student Disability Services, the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, and the Grace Jordan McFadden Professors Program.