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College of Arts & Sciences
The Behavioral-Biomedical Interface Program

About Us

Purpose of BBIP:

This interface program aims to prepare behavioral scientists in training to biomedical/biological content and methods so that they will function effectively as members of interdisciplinary research teams.  BBIP is for well-prepared doctoral students who are pursuing a research career in the health sciences.

Theme of BBIP:

The thematic emphasis for BBIP is on health-related research problems that are linked to prevention science, the developmental sciences, or both.

Host Departments:

Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Department of Exercise Science

Department of Psychology

Sponsors of BBIP:

T32 NIH research training grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences

Arnold School of Public Health and College of Arts & Sciences

Office of the Provost, USC


BBIP Co-Directors: Professor Rose Booze and Professor Ron Prinz

BBIP Program Coordinator: Aimee Stanczyk-Norrell

BBIP Administrative Coordinator: Michele Blondin

BBIP Executive Committee (faculty members):

Cheryl Armstead, 
Rose Booze, James Carson, Charles Mactutus, Suzanne McDermott, Ron Prinz, Susan Steck, Sara Wilcox

BBIP External Advisory Board:

Dr. Deborah Young, Kaiser Permanente Southern California    
Dr. Thomas Kelly, University of Kentucky  
  Dr. Pamela Schreiner, University of Minnesota  
  Dr. Zili Sloboda, Applied Prevention Science, Inc.